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Behave like a criminal with class

Direct contact with the Crew in special occasions

Background information about Camorra World


In this dictionary you will find information on the most important topics in Camorra World. If something is unclear, you can use the dictionary to find more information. If the word you are looking for is not there, then try to find other words that might have to do with that topic.


Signing up & error messages

Whether the signup process proceeds smoothly is dependent upon several factors. Read these instructions carefully and pay attention when entering information to prevent error messages!

Did not receive activation email

Did not receive activation email? Have you checked your 'junk' or 'spam' folder yet? If so, don't worry too much. After 30 minutes, you can register again, possibly with a new email address!

Signups are temporarily put into the system and are valid for 30 minutes. If the signup has not been activated after 30 minutes, then it will be removed from the system! That means you can sign up again!

Activation code does not work

Once you receive your activation code, and it does not work, there are two possible reasons. Firstly, it is possible that you copied the code incorrectly. Always use copy/paste and be sure that you don't copy any spaces! Or simply be 100% sure that you type the code correctly!

The second possibility is that the activation code (and therefore the signup) has expired. Signups are valid for 30 minutes and are automatically removed afterward. If you want to activate after 30 minutes, you have to sign up again!

New account error message - Name already in use

This error message speaks for itself, but may sometimes cause some confusion. If, for example, you have just checked whether a criminal exists with the name you intend to use and the system confirms that the name is not in use, it means that someone else has just signed up with that name!

Signups that are not activated with the activation code within 30 minutes will automatically be removed! Then you may use that name!