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In this dictionary you will find information on the most important topics in Camorra World. If something is unclear, you can use the dictionary to find more information. If the word you are looking for is not there, then try to find other words that might have to do with that topic.

General House Rules

Camorra World Attention attention. Read these rules and get to know them like the back of your hand. We will tell you now so that in the future you don't have to come up with some fabricated story as to why you broke them. The general house rules, as well as the forum rules, will in the future be referred to as 'the rules'. If you break one of these, or other rules, then the crew is permitted to delete your account without warning and/or permanently ban you from Camorra World! Furthermore, if you break any rules you will be taken out of the race for any of the prizes at the end of each month.

  • Always follow the Crew's instructions
  • Don't start an inappropriate discussion (with the Crew)
    Only constructive criticism will be appreciated
  • Don't discriminate in any direct (or indirect) form
  • Don't annoy others when they've asked you not to do so
  • Use the standard system language on the forum or in other public communications
  • Only use your own accounts
  • Read & follow the forum rules
  • Don't log in from more locations at once
  • Don't share your password with others
  • Don't advertise any other website
  • Advertise Camorra World
  • Don's use Proxies / IP spoofing tools
  • Don't use scripts / programs to rank
  • Don't use competing websites' addresses
  • No nipples/private parts visible on homepage (a nice ass is ok)
  • As an inactive user make sure you don't own any objects (businesses, public locations, etc)
  • As a user you will help the continuation of the game
  • As a user you will help prevent problems in the game, problems that should not happen
  • Don't use foul / dirty language in a condescending manner. Idiot or moron is ok if used in a playful manner
  • Don't ask for, or give, personal details such as address, MSN, email, etc. Don't put this information in your homepage, in emails, or on the forum, also not when no one has a problem with it.
  • Don't offer services that have nothing to do with Camorra World, such as chatboxes, a forum, internet ario or other such things. This is not permitted for security reasons. Any form of promotion will also be dealt with harshly.

Forum rules

If you break any of these rules, the crew has the right to withdraw your forum rights without warning, delete your account and/or permanently ban you from Camorra World!

  • Use the standard system language
  • Always follow the Grand Council's and Crew's instructions
  • Don't start an inappropriate discussion (with the Crew)
  • Don't use foul language / profanity / racist remarks
  • Don't annoy others when they've asked you not to do so
  • Don't make useless posts (in order to get your topic on 'top' again)
  • Don't start any fights, or rebellion against the way thing are done. Only constructive criticims is appreciated
  • Use the forums for how they are meant to be used. Don't open threads that don't belong there
  • Put Polls on your profile, and not on the forum (don't refer to them by opening a new thread)
  • Chit chat should not be taken literally and is only meant for general, but serious topics (non-personal)... Topics related to other subjects, and topics that don't belong there will be punished.
  • No bars, ice cream trucks, BO tournaments for all countries, games such as guessing your colour, number/word games, etc
  • Don't use competing website addresses in email/homepage/forum etc
  • Requesting or posting illegal software/serials/etc is strictly forbidden!
  • Don't pretend to be cool by just answering everything in a negative manner
  • If you don't have any thing to add to a topic, then don't add anything
  • Think of a clear title (4 or more words) for your topics