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Welcome to the world of the mafia

Where loyalty, cunning, and ruthless ambition are the keys to success. As a member of a powerful crime family, you must rise through the ranks to become the ultimate don. But beware, in this dog-eat-dog world, treachery and betrayal are always lurking just around the corner. Can you outsmart your enemies and claim your place at the top of the underworld? The choice is yours. Play now and experience the thrill of the mafia life.

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Build your legacy

Navigate the dangerous world of organized crime and establish your own legacy. Form alliances and make enemies, but always watch your back because in this world, betrayal is just around the corner.

Act like a criminal

Dominate the Drug Trade

Risk It All to Become the Top Drug Lord in the Mafia Underworld. Strategically navigate the dangerous world of the illegal drug trade. But be careful, because one wrong move could cost you everything.

Join the high stakes game

Gamble your way out of poverty

Step into the world of the underground where one roll of the dice could change your fate. Climb the ranks from a small-time hustler to the kingpin of the maffia, all through your calculated moves and strategic gambles. Are you ready to risk it all for a shot at the top?

Frequently Asked Questions

Camorra World is an online maffia game that allows players to experience the thrill of building their own criminal empire, making strategic decisions, and navigating the dangerous world of organized crime. Players start as small-time hustlers and work their way up the ranks by making strategic moves and taking calculated risks. Through forming alliances and making enemies, players build their own criminal empire and aim to become the kingpin of Camorra World.

Camorra World is free to play, but certain elements such as VIP access and premium features may require payment. However, players can still access and enjoy a significant portion of the game without having to make any purchases.

Camorra World is a text-based multiplayer game where players can compete and collaborate with other players from around the world. The game is designed to offer a social and competitive experience, allowing players to form alliances, make enemies, and engage in high stakes gambles.

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