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Background information about Camorra World


In this dictionary you will find information on the most important topics in Camorra World. If something is unclear, you can use the dictionary to find more information. If the word you are looking for is not there, then try to find other words that might have to do with that topic.


Camorra World leaders head the criminal organizations, which are also known as Families. The members of these organizations enjoy advantages over criminals operating solo. There are also disadvantages, but it is recommended that everyone join a family. What the advantages and disadvantages are differs per organization and is often steered by the Boss, Right Hand and Under Bosses of the family. Briefly explained:


You enjoy protection and can ask for assistance in conflicts, an assassination attempt on someone under the protection of a family is less common to prevent political quarrels

You can do certain components that are only available to network members


You can be carried away in conflicts between families

You may have to participate in parts, when you wouldn't really want to participate in them

In some situations, you will have to put down a lot of money to leave the family

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Starting a family and more information

When you are under boss and meet a few additional requirements, you can set up your own Family. The setup fee on Camorra World's general network is €500.000.000.

Leaving Costs

The TOP can set the family's abandonment costs. The leave fee is displayed on the family's profile page.

Family Contribution

The family can set a revenue percentage, which is displayed on the organization's profile page. You then pay contributions to the family for some actions.

Joined a City Network, but not in family on profile?

That may be because your landlord has not yet linked his/her city network to the family! Arrange this with your under boss.

I don't have to pay taxes when it's not at 0%?

That may be because the boss of the family has yet to update the settings.