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Behave like a criminal with class

Direct contact with the Crew in special occasions

Background information about Camorra World


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The concept of Camorra World

Camorra WorldCamorra World is a text-based strategic multiplayer game in which an unlimited amount of players can participate. Players go up in rank by completing of activities, to reach the eventual goal of establishing the most powerful criminal network in Camorra World. Camorra World was officially launched on 1 March 2006.

Aspects such as completing individual assignments, working together, managing & coaching, trading, and communicating with other players form the basis of the game. In addition to this, players will need to take driving lessons, they can gamble, make their own homepage and form their own strategy by using information from the game.

Members can communicate within the game through the forum or an ingame email system, and thus create a network of friends in the game.

Camorra World started as a pilot version. Competing with +/- 100 other online games was our motivation. After a short while, it turned out that Camorra World had potential to become one of the most successful online games in the Netherlands, which prompted us to continue its development.

We are still working to reach one ultimate goal: to become the most visited internet game of this genre in the Netherlands.