What to do & how to do it quickly

Behave like a criminal with class

Direct contact with the Crew in special occasions

Background information about Camorra World


In this dictionary you will find information on the most important topics in Camorra World. If something is unclear, you can use the dictionary to find more information. If the word you are looking for is not there, then try to find other words that might have to do with that topic.

QuickStart - Camorra World in a nutshell

  • The World - Presented on The Intranet
    On The Intranet you will find summaries of everything that exists in the 11 countries . In these countries you and the other criminals will perform healthy criminal activity. More advanced criminals can travel, trade and buy real estate in the countries. Mostly the Crime Families have all the power over a certain country.
  • Rank - your position on the criminal highway
    Every criminal has an own rank. On the frontpage of your Dashboard you find your own positions on the General Rankings , on the subpage Details you can see your current rank & homepage.
  • Money - it does make happy
    Pocket change you earn for example by Junky Management, doing Robberies or Cutting Chaos. Always put your money on the Bank , because we will provide you with interest and bonuses. If you want to earn bigger bucks try Grand Theft Auto or setup a Weed plantation ! You are then able to invest items found in The Shop or on Don's depot.
  • Partners & Crime Families - together you stand strong
    With your Partners in Crime you can do Duo Jobs and you will be less likely attacked.for you if they develop themselves. If you are member of a Network you enjoy multiple advantages.
  • The Community - Nonstop entertainment
    While performing criminal activities you can chill out at The Forum or some of the other games . Criminals that are not welcome in our community will be kicked on The Nerdlist, where you can kick them even more until they have disappeared forever. Let this be a lesson, show respect to the higher ranked criminals!