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The HelpTicket system in Camorra World gives you the opportunity to contact the people that manage Camorra World, the Crew. Responses will be short, concise, and sometimes automated in order to help criminals a quickly as possible. Answers will always be composed in a manner in order to help the person as efficiently as possible. Try to see the humour in some of our answers, even though there might be no smiley...

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Is something not working properly? Then it is important for the crew to know which device and which browser you currently use .
Click on this link and send us the link at the top of the page.
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What information should I provide?
A clearly formulated question with a detailed description of a problem if necessary can be answered or solved more quickly. Very unclear tickets on the other hand, may not be processed at all.
  • Ask a clear question and provide us with enough information to solve the problem.
  • Clearly use language, punctuation, spaces and new lines in your question or comment.
  • Have you found a bug in the game?
    • Describe the steps required to reproduce the problem
    • What exactly happened, and what did you expect?
    • Include any details about the problem, such as;
    • The URL of the page where the problem occurred
    • Are you getting an error? If so, send us the error message.
    • Tell us if the problem also occurs on other devices and/or other browsers.
    • Send a link with a printscreen if necessary