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Background information about Camorra World


In this dictionary you will find information on the most important topics in Camorra World. If something is unclear, you can use the dictionary to find more information. If the word you are looking for is not there, then try to find other words that might have to do with that topic.

The makers of Camorra World

The concept of Camorra World has been developed and implemented by Grey Raven Games. The business strategy revolves around making Camorra World the number 1 'maffia-game' in the Netherlands, and to gradually expand it to meet a global audience.

Grey Raven Games develops internet content for third parties, as well for itself, in both a consumer and business market.

Grey Raven Games is responsible for the hosting of Camorra World and ensures its ongoing development.

Camorra World Crew

Camorra WorldCamorra World is managed, maintained and developed by Grey Raven Games and several volunteering administrators. Together these parties form what is referred to as 'The Crew' in Camorra World. On busy days, over 100 HelpTickets will be answered by the Crew. Sometimes people ask whether we warn/punish players for fun... The goal of the crew is to answer everyone as quickly and fairly as possible. But since you are part of the criminal underworld now, we won't always be laughing, but as long as you treat us with respect, we will do the same to you.

VIP Members

All donations are extremely appreciated!The financing of our systems, data traffic, maintenance and development is only possible through the donations we receive from the members.

Members can donate and will receive a VIP Star thereafter which may be used in the VIP Shop. Without VIP Members it would not be possible to keep Camorra World up and running. Thanks for all donations!