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Camorra World - Release 7

After a busy period for the developers, june 2008 marked the beginning of the development of a completely new Camorra World. Both the layout and scripting have been completely renewed. The Camorra World engine was born and gives us infinite possibilities for further development in the future. Also the foundation of creating a multi-language game has been laid out. On top of the completely new Engine, some other additions with respect to those higher ranked criminals in Camorra World have been added, expanding the possibilities of play.

Launched on saturday, 13 December 2008

  • Camorra World Engine - Camorra World has been re-scripted from scratch!
  • A number of technical tweaks have been made that were not mentioned before. New variables have been coupled to these tweaks and are now very flexible thanks to the Camorra World Engine, allowing one to customise Camorra World to one's own preferences. The configuration can be done by the Crew, but also by the most powerful criminals!
  • New layout - No more frames, but a flashy layout!
  • Rankings Update, more competitions and great prizes!
  • Your personal rank in the ranking competition, with thousands of others!
  • Family Battles, raging wars between families!
  • Improved communication between network top & members!
  • Underbosses will have an increased influence on their families!
  • Cops, the nightmare of every respected criminal!
  • Cappin' Cops, the wet dream of the maffia!
  • Top Jobs, for the 25 most poweful criminals!
  • Don's depot Update, finally bidding lasts till expiration!
  • Russian Roulette. You know it, but with us its even better!
  • If you steal from someone else, that person will be notified even if you fail!
  • You need to improve your Drivingskill (driver's license) to do a Duo Job!
  • Top Ten Irritations pretty much solved!
  • Visitors can view a Demo of certain items!
  • Improved security and discount of iDeal Donations!
  • Tens of non-serious but annoying bugs have been fixed!
  • Updated House Rules and General Terms & Conditions!

Camorra World - Release 6

Release 6 did not bring any changes with it. Camorra World worked smoothly, grew nicely and there was enough to do. In addition to this, the developer also underwent quite a busy period so decided to reset everything after 7 months of playing, so that everyone could have a fair start again.

Launched on saturday, 5 April 2008

  • No updates

Camorra World - Release 5

The parcel system that was introduced in Release 4, was expanded in this version. Three parcels in each country were dedicated to hosting the prison, airport and hospital. The owners of those parcels could exert extra influence on other criminals/organisations, since these public facilities must be used at some point in the game. A lot of work was also done behind the screens in this version, in order to resolve some problems that arised in Release 4 when new items were introduced. Multiplayer Poker was also introduced.

Launched on saturday, 22 September 2008

  • Prisons, that criminals to be thrown into the hole
  • Airport, where owners may block flights from certain families
  • Hospitals, where owners may poison members of other families
  • Multiplayer Poker with 10 players at one table

Camorra World - Release 4

Release 4 is what both literally and figuratively put Camorra World on the map. An extensive country system became reality. This enabled criminals to purchase parcels, develop apartments and rent them out to other criminals. Crime Families could display their own logo on the maps, giving an extra dimension to the game and the distribution of power.

Launched on saturday, 5 January 2007

  • Completely renewed layout
  • Dynamic map system
  • Dynamic parcel system per country
  • Construction companies
  • City networks
  • Apartments for accommodation for network members
  • Newly designed vehicles
  • Car tune Shops as a new business
  • SMS system for ingame and normal use

Camorra World - Release 3

Release 3 was synonymous to extra playig pleasure. The MultiJob was introduced which would pose a real challenge for those criminals with higher ranks, since at times they felt a little bored. Furthermore, a lot of work was done behind the screens to solve bugs and problems. The growth experiences was phenomenal, meaning that additional servers were added.

Launched on thursday, 13 July 2006

  • MultiJobs with special bonusses for the high ranks
  • BlackJack businesses
  • More extensive email systeem & forum
  • Availability of Network Forum
  • Additional and new lottery prizes
  • Top 100 criminals of all-time
  • Coke factories adjusted and improved
  • Coke factories top 25
  • More extensive criminal browser
  • Ability to disrespect other criminals
  • Set up turnover % for the network Top

Camorra World - Release 2

Release 2 was the real beginning of Camorra World. Unique concepts such as coke factories, and weed plantations, were introduced to the game. This is what gave Camorra World its own identity, and was the starting point of its future development.

Launched on wednesday, 26 April 2006

  • Implementation of Coke factories for the higher ranks
  • Lower ranks may be Runner for coke bosses
  • Implementation of Weed plantations for lower ranks
  • 24 hour protection up to the 3rd rank
  • Personal costs incurred for leaving the family
  • Ammo clips more expensive resulting from inflation
  • Introduction of various weapons
  • BusinessSkill - Required for the more advanced items
  • Automatic contribution of turnover to family
  • Ability to steal money from other criminals
  • Ability to have Street races (against others)

Camorra World - Release 1

Version 1 of Camorra World is something we would rather not waste too much time on. It was full of bugs, uglyness, few possibilities and very standard. It was the pilot, which as followed by the more stable version 2 in no-time.

Launched on wednesday, 1 March 2006

  • The first version of Camorra World